Massage for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Massage for children has been shown to improve immune system function, improve muscle tone and -- much like massage affects adults -- it can be a stress reducer. This is especially helpful for children in health care and hospice settings, children who have experienced trauma, and simply for health maintenance for differently abled children coping with physical or cognitive disabilities. 

Infant Massage Instruction

The ability to soothe, bond and communicate with an infant is the goal of every new parent. Massage can be an excellent tool to help accomplish these things and more.

Whether your child is brand new, or you're just looking for a new way to communicate, massage is an excellent way for parents and children to learn about each other.



Doula Services

Having a doula on your team is a great way to be informed, prepared, and supported before, during, and after your birth experience. 

Studies have shown that a doula present at birth reduces the need for pain medication and medical interventions, and women with a doula report a more positive overall birth experience.