Massage for Middle Life

Massage, too often seen as a luxury, is an important tool for health maintenance and self-preservation. From athletes to musicians to computer programmers, many of us use our muscles in a repetitive, often regimented way, either for work or simply out of habit. Over time, muscles can become less pliable and eventually range of motion can be compromised, all too often resulting in unnecessary pain or injuries. A regular massage routine including stretching, myo-fascial release, and Swedish techniques can provide a basis for continued flexibility as our bodies age. This can mean not only greater longevity for a career, but it can be beneficial for long-term health as well. 

Because each individual has needs specific to his or her body and lifestyle, Katie uses a client-specific approach to improve and maintain mobility and relaxation. Your first session will involve an in-depth health history and specific goals for treatment will be discussed. Communication is perhaps as important as the massage itself, and Katie works with each client to determine on an evolving basis what techniques work best in order for treatment sessions to be effective.