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Kids living in orphanages often do not develop at the same rate as other children, in part because they don't have access to developmentally appropriate sensory stimulation – including touch – that will help them to grow and become typically functioning adults. Without books, sensory activities, and healthy nurturing touch to learn from at a young age, they may lack the tools needed for appropriate emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

We have been to visit the Que Huong Charity Center four times in four years, and we plan to go again this fall.

On our last trip, in February of 2014, we provided the following: 

  • Sensory stimulating toys and books
  • A walker for Cao (approximately 5 years old)
  • A wheel chair for Hope (approximately 6 years old)
  • Infant massage classes for the caregivers
  • Yoga and movement sessions for the children (and interested caregivers) 
  • A longer term goal is to provide assistance to the director of the center in developing a program to teach English to all the kids; our personal goal is to target those children who are not allowed to go to school.

Our next trip is tentatively planned for November of 2014. In addition to nurturing touch, massage, and sensory tools, it is time to implement our longer term goal of developing a program to teach English to the kids; our personal goal is to target those children who are not allowed to go to school. We need funding to hire, train, and retain a qualified teacher for the children. 

We need your help! 100% of your donation goes toward helping cover costs for hiring a teacher and necessary materials. The center is privately run, without government assistance, which means they rely solely on volunteers and donations. We do not give CASH to the orphanage, other than a small donation at the end of our trip. We prefer to provide services and goods for the children directly.

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