Adult Massage 

60-minute massage: $85

Timeless Treatment: $125

           (TT is a 90 to 120 minute session; timing will vary depending on your body's needs.)

60-minute prenatal massage: $85

90-minute prenatal massage: $115

*Please plan to be available 15 minutes before for your first visit to fill out a client intake form and health history.   


Infant Massage Class Series

4-class series (group class):  $95  

4-class series (private class): $195 

*Group class rates are per child. Up to two caregivers may attend per child. For private classes: more than 30 miles round trip travel may require an additional mileage fee.


Doula Services

Basic Birth Doula Services: $650 



Doula + 2 Massages: $780   


 Doula + Massage +Private Infant Massage Class series: $965



 **Includes two prenatal visits (one visit may include attendance at a doctor/midwife appointment as per your request), attendance during labor and birth, and one postpartum visit (two as needed or at your request). Fee also includes 24/7 phone/email access for questions and concerns. 


**Includes basic services plus one 60-minute prenatal massage and one 60-minute postpartum massage in your home. 


**Includes basic doula services, two 60-minute massages, and private 4-class infant massage series



For birth doula services, half of our agreed upon fee will be due at the time you reserve doula services, and the other half will be due after the birth. An additional mileage/parking fee may be required if meetings are more than 30 miles round trip and inaccessible by public transportation. 

If you are interested in massage for a loved one in hospice or palliative care, please contact me about special rates.  

**Gift Certificates and packages are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in services but have financial concerns. I am happy to discuss a sliding scale or barters on an as-needed basis.