From massage clients:

"Thanks again for another great session yesterday! It's amazing what a few sessions of really good massage will do. I can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me, you're so very good at what you do!" - In an email from Ryan C., Boston, MA

"Great mix of relaxation and bodywork -- I learned a lot!" -- Caitlin M., Watertown, MA

"Katie's understanding of physiology really contributed to her effectiveness. Great massage!" -- Judy S., Boston, MA   

"I loved the different techniques used! It helped a lot -- I will definitely be back!" -- Michelle S., Watertown, MA

"There was a great awareness for all of me...This was very complete." -- Mark B., Needham, MA

"The slow, smooth work was very relaxing and the stretching felt good." -- Alicia K., Wellesley, MA


From doula clients:

"Katie is a special doula. One who has within her a light of love, joy and peace. I was so honored to have her by my side during the birth of my son. She gave me serenity, laughter, pampering, and sisterhood, all at times when I needed them the most. I will forever be grateful and in awe of her beautiful spirit." -- Rachel D., Ashland, Oregon

 "Having you as our doula was such an amazing experience. You will never know how helpful you were while we were laboring -- helping me with getting through each surge/contraction, giving me a focal point (even though I was EXHAUSTED, you sitting at the edge of the bath with that little duck hat helped me push on!), reminding me to breathe the baby deep into my pelvis and relax ALL of my other muscles, giving me new birthing positions, etc. Honestly, having you there was CRITICAL!" -- Gina and Peter J., Medford, Oregon

"I honestly believe that if Katie had not been there, I would have asked for pain medication and/or an epidural. We were particularly impressed that Katie was there for 12 hours -- twelve! ... Because of my positive experience, in particular with our doula, I will encourage friends to birth at PMMC." -- Medford, OR mama in a letter to Tom Hannenburg, the president of Providence Medford Medical Center in Medford, OR, regarding her birth experience.

"Having Katie as part of our birthing support team was delightful. She brought a peaceful and calming presence into our birth room. Katie demonstrated a variety of supportive, helpful and relaxing techniques during all stages of our birthing process and the first two-weeks post-partum. She has an internal sense of how to be closely involved without interfering, which gave me the physical and emotional space I needed. I would highly recommend Katie as a birthing and post-partum doula, as well." -- Jodi and Rob D., Talent, Oregon


From mentors:

 “Over the years, I have spoken with many young women looking for guidance, who are interested in becoming doulas and yoga teachers, and none of them impressed me the way that Katie does. She has a heart of gold. ... Her presence is calm, confident and comforting, and the women we were helping appreciated her immensely.” – Sheryl Grunde LMT, CD doula

“Besides being a joy to work with, Kathryn is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. ... Kathryn understands a child’s need for sensory stimulation and of the needs for introducing nurturing touch, massage therapy and movement into the lives of children.” – Tina Allen LMT, CPMT, CIMT, founder of The Liddle Kidz Foundation

“Katie matured into an extremely competent massage therapist with lovely touch and excellent palpation, therapeutic assessment and clinical treatment skills. ... Perhaps the most impressive thing about Katie Veatch is her integrity and willingness to be present for any situation that presents itself.” – Laureen Sutton, owner/instructor at the Ashland Institute of Massage