About the volunteers


Katie is a massage therapist specializing in pediatric massage, with a background in yoga for children with special needs, developmental psychology, early childhood education, and a love for volunteer work. Katie has twice travelled to Vietnam on outreach trips with the Liddle Kidz Foundation teaching infant massage techniques to caregivers in orphanages throughout the country. 

Tommy brings to the table creativity, lightheartedness, and a playful presence. His mindfulness about the natural world, background in music and visual art, experience with peer mediation, and willingness to listen and learn from those around him prove to be natural bridges to communication and connection with children of all ages. 

Katie and Tommy travelled to Vietnam in early 2013 to spend time with the children at Que Huong and learn more about their individual needs and the needs of the center. A return trip this winter will be a follow up to provide more individualized necessities and care for the kids. To learn more about the work that we do, click here


Want to learn more about the awesome kids we get to work with? Click here.  

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us for information and opportunities.